wrapped in stillness

A Personal Retreat Guide

By Laurie Guest


What is a Personal Retreat?

Whether you want to simply recapture your inner peace in the midst of a hectic life, or do some soul searching over pending decisions, a retreat can be a life-changing solution. Wrapped In Stillness is the ideal companion and confidante to take along on your personal retreat.
wrapped in stillness
“What a wise, generous guide to finding your way home to your own heart and the answers that live there. Absolutely transformative!”
Jennifer Louden, Best-Selling Author on Retreats
“My grandfather died when I was a young girl and I gave up our shared goal of building a horse farm. After reading your book I decided to finally get started raising horses all these years later. Grand Daddy started the dream, and now I'm going to finish it.”
Sharon, Little Rock, AR
Laurie Guest

About the Author

Author Laurie Guest is a gifted facilitator, helping thousands of people through retreats for individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporations.

Clients say she has the rare ability to ask just the right questions to create breakthrough insights. She’s learned how to do this because she grapples with similar challenges to her retreat participants: how to live an aware and honest life amid the intrusions and demands life tosses at us. She’s been a sought-after facilitator and speaker for twenty years.

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